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Subject: [Leica] Professional Tourist
From: lists at (Eduardo Albesi)
Date: Sun Jul 16 08:22:12 2006
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Ted, even when I agree with you about the stupidity of bureaucratic  
norms, Nick is right about the money. You stated that it would have  
cost you a 100,000 Lire for each shooting day. Depending on the year,  
and given that was not during the late Forties or early Fifties, that  
amount was equivalent to USD 250 in the 1960's to a mere USD 70-80  
when the Euro was put into circulation (and there was a time when an  
USD was about 2000 Lire, and so 100,000 lire were just USD 50)


Ed Albesi

El 16/07/2006, a las 11:48, Ted Grant escribi?:

Nick Roberts offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] Professional Tourist

> Hmmm Ted, I'm not going to comment on the ethics, but your maths  
> are way, way out - 10-20 rolls would've been nearer $50 at the rate  
> you quoted, nothing like $100,000.<<,

Hi Nick,

I think you must have misunderstood the math or I didn't make it  
clear. The charge was "per frame exposed" or each time the camera  
went "click," accept during the loading a roll sequence. And they  
were going to have one of their staff with us until we were finished  
the shoot doing the count.

30 rolls X 36 exp. equals 1080 exposures  times $100.oo per frame  
equals...... $108,000. oo according to mine in Rome and now here at  
home. ;-)

The bottom line of the money making event?

Over the years I believe a half dozen images have been sold,  $150.oo  
each or there about, certainly none hire.  A few used in my Leica  
Seminar presentations and some amateur slide presentations. So anyone  
out there who thinks we were wrong in our ethics at getting some  
frames and beat the local folks for $100,000.oo because we played  
tourist when we were a professional crew with interpreter might like  
to think again.


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