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Subject: [Leica] opinions of the Ricoh GRD--why not Canon S-80
From: faneuil at (Eric Korenman)
Date: Fri Jul 14 07:35:17 2006
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thanks for the info.
Did you consider the Ricoh Caplio GX8?

The GRD with a Voightlander 28mm viewdfinder is enticing.
Just camera-geeky enough to want to use in public.


On 7/14/06, Nathan Wajsman <> wrote:
> Well, I have a GRD and I think I can answer both Eric's original
> question and the subsequent comments from Bill and Rei.
> Eric, since you use the GR film version, you will know what people
> like about the GRD--it has the same kind of solid construction, form
> factor and ergonomics. The lens is excellent as well. Compared to
> other compacts, the shutter lag is not bad. I cannot recall missing a
> shot because of that. What is true is that writing a RAW file does
> take forever, and I have missed shots because of that. We are talking
> 6-10 seconds. Of course, one could always shoot JPEGs, but I refuse
> to do that.
> At first, I did not like the fact that there was no viewfinder, only
> the (admittedly very good) LCD screen on the back. But in the end my
> solution was to buy a Cosina/Voigtlander 28mm finder from Stephen
> Gandy and put it in the GRD's hot shoe. This is anyway a much better
> finder than anything you would ever find in a compact camera.
> To Bill and Rei: indeed it is great to have a fast, fixed lens on a
> pocket camera. The higher speeds are also useful, but...above 400 the
> noise becomes very pronounced. At 1600 you are looking at Tri-X in
> Rodinal, and not nearly as pleasing. Ricoh made a mistake in cramming
> 8 megapixels in a tiny sensor. I think it would have been better if
> they had stuck to 5 or 6. So the higher speeds compared to other
> compacts are less than meets the eye. If you convert the image to
> B&W, the noise becomes less distracting, since it just looks like
> film grain then. But in a color image I now use Noise Ninja on every
> GRD file shot at 800 or above, something I never need to do with my
> Canon DSLR files.
> In summary: I am happy with the GRD, but it is not as superior to
> other compacts as the spec sheet would have you believe.
> Nathan
> On 14-jul-2006, at 14:48, Rei Shinozuka wrote:
> > from what i read, the light sensitivity of the canon is conventional:
> > f2.8 lens and 400 asa speed.  the GR has 2 1/2 more stops of speed,
> > 2 from the CCD and 1/2 from the lens.  in addition, the fixed lens on
> > a digital has a purist appeal.
> >
> > like mr. Korenman, i'd love to hear some user feedback about the GRD.
> >
> > -rei
> >
> > On Jul14 05:29, Bill Smith wrote:
> >> Somethings (translation--many) I don't understand---why has the
> >> GRD gotten so much attention here, but the Canon S-80 w/ a 28mm
> >> also not gotten any?
> >>
> >>   Just curious,
> >>
> >>   Bill
> >>
> >> Eric Korenman <> wrote:
> >>   I know some of you out there are shooting with a ricoh GR digital.
> >> In that quest for the perfect compact, go anywhere camera, it
> >> looks tempting.
> >>
> >> Like / dislike this camera?
> >> I have heard that it has prominent shutter lag and slow write
> >> speed in RAW mode.
> >>
> >> Compacts I use: Contax T3, Ricoh GR1v.
> >>
> >> Eric
> >
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