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Subject: Subject: Re: [Leica] was: did I miss a fight? NOW snapshots andcriticism
From: chandos at (Chandos Michael Brown)
Date: Thu Jun 29 20:15:28 2006

Curious.  I teach at William and Mary and certainly don?t recall saying
anything about my academic background on the LUG.  I also attended Western
New Mexico University, the Universita per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy, and
the University of New Mexico--just to set the record straight.

But I guess this don't play quite as well to your various resentments, at
least as I've heard about them off-list from many other Luggers.

What you don?t get is that I don't give a rat's ass about you personally,
or, rather, I assume that you're an OK guy.  You'll recall that I sent you
and your wife a check after the Katrina disaster and asked you to do good
things with it (as, I'm sure, did most of the LUG), and I'm confident that
you did.

It ain't my fault that you take critical comments about your photographs as
a personal attack.  Small people generally do.

My outbox shows that I sent you an offlist condolence in response to your
father's death, but, what the hell, all memory is fallible. 

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Subject: Subject: Re: [Leica] was: did I miss a fight? NOW snapshots

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On Jun 29, 2006, at 8:10 PM, Chandos Michael Brown wrote:

>  Sonny,
> That you're under stress doesn't seem to limit *your*  comments, and  
> it's> craven to hide behind it  now.

I'm not hiding behind anything. I was just wondering why you jump my ass  
when you read I am having problems like parents passing away, or a wife in a

crisis after surgery. 

> You claim to be a "documentary" photographer.  I  merely asked what  
> you think your documenting and why.
(It is you're not your, Mr. Harvard guy.)
I am documenting what I see.  I am not claiming art. I am shooting,  and 
showing. Nothing more.
> Your links, given the volume of what you inflict on the  LUG,  
> doesn?t answer my question.
What's the matter, I don't shoot enough Negroes for you?    You want down
out blackies on the porch? Or would you like me to go out  and shoot the 
crack salesmen who are coming here to ruin  lives in  our community?
Sorry, I did that already.  When I tired of shooting it, I went to  the 
trenches for three years to work at the Food Bank, then at the United Way
for a 
year, until I realized that the government was engineering  poverty.
You do a lot of assuming, but you don't  know me, and you can't  judge me 
from half-assedly looking at my pictures.
About all I remember about your work anymore is a bunch of drunks in a  
barroom, and one portrait of a breath-taking  woman.

Natchitoches, Louisiana
Oldest continuous  settlement in La Louisiane
?galit?, libert?,  crawfish

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