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Subject: [Leica] 777
From: jsmith342 at (Jeffery Smith)
Date: Sat Jun 17 07:34:39 2006

Everything I read about this developer seems contradictory. In one place, it
says that the stuff lasts forever, but in another place it says that you
have to use a giant tank to ensure having enough developer. I'm not certain
how to replenish it either. One replenishment procedure has you returning
most of the used developer to the original bottle with a small amount of new
developer. Another has you adding quite a bit of new developer to the

Talk about difficult starting points!

Jeffery Smith
New Orleans, LA

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Hmm... may have to give them a call on Monday. I tried to order it from 
Frugal Photographer and asked David a few questions. While he answered my 
questions, which lead me to think I should go ahead and try it (*), it's 
out of stock from his site and he didn't say when it will be in stock again.

(*) The idea that I would be using a 1953 derived M, shooting (1950s) Tri X 
and Neopan 400, using 1938 developer, with a modern'ish Jobo Rotary 
processor, scanned using a Nikon LS-4000, printing on an Epson 1280 and MIS 
UT-2 ink just brings a smile to my face. Retro modernism instead.

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