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Subject: [Leica] Digital Leica M
From: rangefinder at (Didier Ludwig)
Date: Wed Jun 14 06:22:42 2006
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The code is not physically required and you will be able to use the most 
M/LTM mount lenses without code. 

The identification is only needed to apply different in-camera software 
settings (vignetting control, contrast, and so on), and will additionally be 
added to the EXIF data. But you are right it is not really required as these 
software-driven corrections can be done afterwards in the computer too.

Another reason, probably the more important, for the code, is to keep the 
other M lens producers (ZI, CV) back. And I agree 95 euros for coding an old 
lens might be considered as another Solms rip-off attempt to their most 
loyal customers.


>It is not clear to me why the code on the lens is a requirement. It is
>trivial to provide  menu based entry to identify the lens on the
>camera - unless they intend to test every lens and characterise its
>performance. I doubt they will do that - 8 bits would not be enough.
>I can use any old  Nikon F-mount lens on the D200 by entering its
>maximum aperture and focal length.
>95 euros for six dots is Leica type pricing - preposterous (unless
>they throw in a CLA)

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