Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2006/06/03

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Subject: MORE IDEAS Re: [Leica] Leica modifying M-mount for digital M?
From: r.s.taylor at (Richard S. Taylor)
Date: Sat Jun 3 13:43:02 2006

Actually, you could take this one step further and use an LCD like 
the EVF in the D2 (but without the image - it would be black except 
where the frames and other data are presented).  One LCD could then 
project into the viewfinder field the frames, shutter speed, 
aperture, ISO setting, etc. all superimposed on the optical 
viewfinder image.

Geez, why am I giving all these hot ideas away, anyway?   :-))

I usually get paid for this kind of stuff!  ;-)

Boston MA

>The possible need to code old lenses raises the possibility that the 
>projected framelines  could be electronic (e.g., LEDs) designed to 
>both change size and position as the lens is focused.  It could also 
>mean one frame per lens and wouldn't that be nice?
>Backward compatibility could be retained by keeping the current cam 
>system and bringing up both frames for unadapted lenses (assuming 
>the adaptation rumor is real) as is done now.
>You heard it first here!   ;-))
>Boston MA
>On 6/3/06, Didier Ludwig <> wrote:
>>I have just read in another list, from a quite reliable source not
>>completely unknown on the LUG, that Leica plans to modify the M-mount
>>for the digital M:
>>  >The Leica M digital will have a modified M-mount
>>  >with a bar code which tells the camera the focal length.
>>  >The correct frameline will then be electronically changed.
>>  >While Leica will sell kits at about $125 each to update Leica
>>  >M lenses to the M digital it remains to be seen if those kits can
>>  >be used on non Leica made lenses.
>>My personal comment: The only reason to buy such a (anyway
>>overpriced) camera is when one has a closet full of M and LTM lenses.
>>If one needs to "upgrade" every lens for $125 to make it functional
>>on the digital M (and maybe even non-functional on the film bodies),
>>he might as well change the system. Leica - one step forward, two
>>steps backwards.
>>ps: the R-D1 is getting more and more interesting for me - it takes
>>M-mount lenses!