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Subject: [Leica] Hexar Part
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sat May 27 19:48:20 2006
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At 08:57 PM 5/27/06 -0400, Don Dory wrote:
>Thank you for the clarification.  I was specifically remembering the dumping
>of the Zeiss Ikon files in Germany.  At least the Germans had the sense to
>sell the nubbins to someone who would at least use it.


The idjiots DID dump all of the Zeiss Ikon files into the recycling bin.
Just as Zeiss Ikon was getting ready to close its doors, the happy little
gnomes danced up to Heinz K?ppenbender and told him that they had NOT
trashed the filed but had recycled them, and wasn't he happy at their being
so Green?  The answer was a rather nasty, "THAT WAS MY HISTORICAL LEGACY
YOU TWITS RECYCLED!".  Some records survived, but we know far more about
Prewar Zeiss Ikon production than about the Postwar stuff, just because the
Bolsheviks were so incompetent as to nver throw ANYTHING away, so that
whatever survived the Dresden Firebombing of 1945 survived to the collapse
of Communism in 1989.

Go figure.  

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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