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Subject: [Leica] photo'ing in a seminar. What would you have done?
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun May 7 13:42:57 2006

Always a pleasure, Steve. And right you are - how could I forget that had
Gore been elected the country would have been flooded with "illegals" and no
one would know what to do about it. Oh, right, and we'd have a national
science policy based on religious beliefs; we'd have those bastards selling
the rights to run our ports to foreign companies. Why, hell, I'll be things
would be in such gross disarray that every Tom, Dick, and Harry who every
wore a star on his shoulder would be speaking out, ripping the Secretary of
Defense - undoubtedly a retread from some former Administration - a new one.

Thanks for reminding me, Steve. :-)

On 5/7/06 4:24 PM, "Steve Barbour" <> wrote:

> whew, you're right BD... and we'd likely also have all kinds of
> immigration problems too,  with an administration that behaves like
> its head has been cut off...
> thanks for reminding me.
> Steve
> On May 7, 2006, at 10:29 AM, B. D. Colen wrote:
>> Oh know that if Al Gore had been elected we'd
>> undoubtedly be
>> tied up in a bunh of pointless wars, we'd have a horrendous
>> deficit, gas
>> would be approaching a $3.50 per gallon average and headed higher, we
>> wouldn't be prepared for predictable disasters such as hurricanes
>> and flu
>> epidemics, corruption would be rampant, we'd all be under the eye
>> of Big
>> Brother, and even worse - who wants to have a beer with Al Gore.
>> Thank your
>> lucky stars Gore 'lost.' :-)
>> ___
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>> On Sun, 07 May 2006 10:41:49 -0400 Walt Johnson <>
>> wrote:
>>> Holy Smokes Don,
>>> Had we elected Al Gore photography may not have become such a
>>> security/family values issue. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not fond of
>>> Gore or most of our elected opportunists. The one thing I'd argue
>>> with
>>> anyone though is the total failure of this current administration.
>>> Total, complete, unsurpassed in our lifetime.
>>> Walt.
>>> Don Dory wrote:
>>>> Richard,
>>>> You did the correct thing.  You were in a seminar about
>>>> photography with
>>>> other photographers.  Photographers take pictures, it would be a
>>>> really big
>>>> stretch to believe that photographers will not take photographs.
>>>> I would
>>>> have continued to take pictures after the request, just not with
>>>> that
>>>> person
>>>> in the picture.  If others objected then I would quit.  PC has
>>>> really
>>>> gotten
>>>> too rampant,  taking pictures is not child molestation, we have all
>>>> had tens
>>>> if not thousands of pictures taken of us and we still have our
>>>> souls.
>>>> So,
>>>> normal rules or politeness apply.  You would not take a picture that
>>>> makes
>>>> someone look bad(well maybe Al Gore), and you wouldn't take a
>>>> picture
>>>> of a
>>>> group that made something out of context look like something
>>>> embarrassing
>>>> was going on.  But to record something for your memories, sure.
>>>> When
>>>> one of
>>>> the group raised an objection then you quit, quite right.
>>>> Don't worry about it.  Keep pushing that shutter release.
>>>> Don
>>>> On 5/7/06, Richard <> wrote:
>>>>> I was in a seminar today. There were 7 of us, critiquing each
>>>>> other's
>>>>> work
>>>>> under the guidance of the lecturer (On topic: she used to use a
>>>>> Leica
>>>>> too,
>>>>> may be still does). After a few hours, I thought the interaction
>>>>> happenings
>>>>> were good, so I took out my M and shoot here and there. Just a
>>>>> frame now
>>>>> and then. We went to lunch and after restarting, I started
>>>>> firing off a
>>>>> shot or two. Then one of the participants looked up and said, she
>>>>> doesn't
>>>>> appreciate to be in the pictures, so of course I put the camera
>>>>> away
>>>>> then.
>>>>> None of the other people, including the lecturer, spoke up
>>>>> either before
>>>>> or
>>>>> after, and I know for sure that they saw me shooting.
>>>>> So what would you have done? Not shooting at all since it may be
>>>>> distracting? Ask permissions in the beginning first? Or? I sort of
>>>>> figured
>>>>> that since we are all photographers that being photographing
>>>>> would not
>>>>> have
>>>>> been an issue. Guess I was wrong.
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>>>>> please
>>>>> use richard at
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