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Subject: [Leica] Re: Small cars
From: jackherron at (Jack C. Herron)
Date: Wed Apr 26 22:17:28 2006
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Let's see, if we ignore the former USSR and some slavic countries, we find 
that the rough center of what we normally think of as Europe is 
approximately Paris, and that one can reach almost all of it in a distance 
that is about the width of Texas.  The ability of your friends in Europe to 
travel like this is far more the result of the small size of Europe than 
anything else.  A comparable rail system would have to be 6 times the size 
of the european system.  While the continuing thread seems to concentrate on 
metro transportation, your comment on air travel seems to invoke a larger 
picture than a commute within Pittsburgh.  The problems are simply not 
Jack C. Herron
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Now if we in the U.S. could just convince the rest of us to build a system
of nuclear, solar and wind plants to power a comprehensive rail system like
Europe has then things would be much better fuel wise.  I do envy my friends
in Europe the ability to hop on a train and get somewhere without most of
the security hassles air travel creates.


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