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Subject: [Leica] A modern website
From: r.s.taylor at (Richard S. Taylor)
Date: Thu Apr 6 09:35:24 2006
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B.D. Finally had a chance to take a look at your new site.  Went 
through all the "T" photos and browsed around the other sections a 
bit.  It's great to have so many of your photos so easily available. 
When and if the T book ever comes out I'll be the first in line to 
pick one up.

The Flash site worked fine in Safari.  One technical comment though, 
most all of the T photos come up very dark and lose most of their 
shadow detail after they are fully displayed, detail I know is there 
because I can see it as each picture comes up.  This is true in both 
slide show mode and individual picture mode.  The pictures on other 
parts of the site look fine.  Just thought I'd mention it is case 
this wasn't deliberate.

May the site help you sell many photos.


>I believe there's stuff here people haven't seen- and a lot that you have.
>As to the site - yes, it's Flash; if your computer doesn't see Flash, or if
>you've got any and all pop-ups blocked, it may not work for you. So be it.
>I'm not looking for a debate on computer graphics or presentation systems.
>This is what I've gone with and it's what I'm sticking with. But just as an
>aside, this allows me to add or take down entire galleries in a matter of
>minutes, add or remove single photos, change colors, change text, put up
>pdfs, any time I want to.
>   or  -  which ever gets you
>B. D.
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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