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Subject: [Leica] Portable tripods Suggestions - Bogen Manfrotto prefered
From: firkin at (Alastair Firkin)
Date: Wed Feb 15 12:40:58 2006
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I love my Gitzo's and they are such great names ;-) The aluminium 
explorer was cheapish, and I've learned to really love the snap shut 
legs. A fantastic tripod. For lighter work the "leveling" system on the 
Carbon fibre gitzo is also fantastic. Can't beat Gitzo in my book

On 15/02/2006, at 17:25, Scott McLoughlin wrote:

> Kind LUG folk,
> Yes, I understand that I'm comitting  great heresy asking about
> tripods for the traditionally handheld Leica M cameras, but I have
> a desire to shoot slower films, and I have slight tremors which
> prevents me from taking stable shots at slower shutter speeds.
> I currently have a heavy, tall and very stable Bogen/Manfrotto (B/M)
> 475 and an Acratech ball head. I use the Arca/Swiss quick release
> system with a lovely RRS plate for my M6TTL (and other camera
> systems - Nikon D70 and Nikon FM3a).
> I'm now interested in a lighter weight and portable carbon fiber tripod
> legs that I would likely outfit with the small RRS ball head for use
> "in the field."
> I've searched B&H and the B/M web site and I do find I'm confused
> by all the options. I do like the B/M leg releases, and thus I'm not so
> interested in the  Gitzo light weight CF tripod legs, even though these
> may represent the current state of the art in portable tripod 
> technology.
> I'd like to keep my tripod gear in the same "family" as it were.
> Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated.
> Scott
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