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Subject: Was RE: [Leica] DSLR choice - now Zeiss-Ikon - now Leica is non-Mg
From: raimo.m.korhonen at (Raimo K)
Date: Sun Jan 22 01:07:52 2006
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Ah, I would not have known that it is the press release (from 2002) that 
contains the absolute truth.
All the best!
Raimo K
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From: "John Lee" <>
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Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: Was RE: [Leica] DSLR choice - now Zeiss-Ikon - now Leica is 

> Seth,
> Your information for the Leica R9 from the Leica website is incorrect!
> The information in the LEICA R9 is also incorrect.
> My source: Leica, Press Release, September 2002, Nr. 40e, 02, page 1
> "At photokina 2002 in Cologne, Germany, Leica Camera AG introduced the
> a single lens reflex camera that incorporate numerous enhanced
> characteristics that
> are important photographically. Thanks to the use of new materials
> such as magnesium,
> the new camera is 100 grams (just over 3.5 ounces) lighter than the
> top-of-the-line
> model LEICA R8, yet it retains the same rigidity."
> page 2, page 3
> "Weight reduction by means of light metals: Weighing only 790 grams
> (less than 28
> ounces), the LEICA R9 is 100 grams (more tha 3.5 ounces) lighter than the 
> R8. The lion's share of the weight reduction was achieved by paring 70
> grams (2.5
> ounces) from the weight of the top cover. The magnesium top cover now
> weighs only
> 40 grams (less than 1.5 ounces) , which is only about one third of the
> weight of the
> previous top cover, which was made of die-cast zinc. The rigidity of
> the new top cover
> is identical to that of the previous cover. Magnesium, the same
> material used for
> Formula 1 engines, was ideally suited for this weight reduction. The high 
> Leica
> standard of longevity, however, required a research project in which
> Leica explored
> new technological domains.
> Magnesium is particularly difficult to manage with respect to
> corrosion resistance
> and scuffing. Leica for the first time employs a plasma-chemical
> process for coating
> the light metal. This transforms the surface of the magnesium into a
> thin ceramic
> layer. In this process, special demands are placed on the magnesium
> alloy and on
> the preparation of the surface. Special lacquers are then applied to
> achieve an extra-
> ordinary long-lasting finish. A greater fabrication effort is also
> required for casting the
> magnesium in the molds, because this takes place temperatures of 700 
> degrees C
> (1292 degrees F) as compared to 400 degrees C (752 degrees F) in the 
> die-casting
> process."
> Cheers,
> John

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