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Subject: [Leica] Digital storage etc.
From: nathan.wajsman at (Nathan Wajsman)
Date: Fri Jan 13 22:43:51 2006
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If you are talking about casual snapshooters (and that is implied by the 
  mention of the proverbial shoebox) then they usually did not keep the 
negatives, just the prints. So that should be the standard for comparison.

Now, with digital, the printing kiosks all over the place are providing 
the solution. During my recent trip to Poland I showed my sister how to 
use the self-service printing kiosk at the local Media Markt (a large 
European TV/electronics/computer chain). From her perspective, this is 
better than with film: stick in the card, select the images she wants 
printed on the touch screen, type in her name and address (this step can 
be eliminated if you get a store fidelity card) and take the receipt the 
machine prints. A couple of days later the prints can be picked up at 
the store.

The only question is how durable those prints will be, but that too will 
be fixed (if it isn't already). It is the same as with the shift to 
color in the 1950s and 60s: the early color prints were awful in terms 
of durability. The ones you get now can be expected to hold up well.

I am a great believer in the market's ability to solve problems like 
this. My sister has no computer or printer, and yet for her now getting 
prints from her digital P&S is as easy and cheaper than it was with film.

I am also confident that for us serious shooters, who have thousands and 
thousands of images, the market will also find a solution that will 
provide storage that is inexpensive, durable and future-proof. At the 
moment, my images reside on external hard drives and DVDs, but I expect 
  that in 5 years I will have moved them onto something cheaper, smaller 
and better. The market is good at this sort of thing--it will not solve 
global warming without government intervention, but it will solve the 
problem of storing digital images.


dnygr wrote:

> All camera makers must be affected by the switch to digital. I wonder how 
> large format has been affected. 
> As I've noted before, we are the last generation to have photos and 
> negatives of our relatives in a shoebox.
> Future generations will have photos on discs that no one can access and if 
> they can few will go to the effort to figure out how. 
> Doug
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