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Subject: [Leica] Adox and Efke
From: durling at (Mike Durling)
Date: Thu Jan 12 19:27:27 2006
References: <DC4B73A4105FCE4FAE0CEF799BF84B366BA9AB@case-email>

I initally got a lot of contrast with KB25.  I tamed it with D23 1:3 
then found that D76 1:3 works just as well.

I got some R100 in 120 and have been having a lot of trouble with it. 
Things like whole rolls being soft where other films are ok.  Also 
strange light leaks where other films show none.  As best I can figure 
out the film has a lot of curl to it, but also may like to come loose on 
the spool.  Like it has a certain amount of curl that will not tighten 
or loosen if that makes sense.

All of this can maybe have other explanations and none of these cameras 
are less than 50 years old.  Still a Bessa II that works fine with other 
film you would expect to work with the Efke.

The other thing that sometimes happens is that the emulsion is soft and 
sometimes a bit flakes off in processing.

Otherwise I really like the KB25, but the R100 I am not sure about.

Mike D

David Rodgers wrote:
> Jeffrey,
> What are you using as a developer? I'm wondering how many people are
> using Adox/Efke films? And what are the likes/dislikes? 
> I shot some Fomapan a few years ago and thought it looked horrendous.
> But sometimes it takes more than a couple of rolls to figured out a film
> the first upon using it for the first time. 
> DaveR
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> Subject: RE: [Leica] nikon to discontinue most film cameras
> As long as somewhere in the Slavic world someone is making Adox KB-14,
> I'll
> keep shooting film.
> Jeffery Smith
> New Orleans, LA
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