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Subject: [Leica] tri-x and microdol-x
From: drodgers at (David Rodgers)
Date: Tue Jan 3 14:39:56 2006


I used D76 for years. But if it sits around for a while it can change
quite suddenly and unexpectedly. That's not a problem if you go through
a lot of developer. I did at one time, but not so much these days. 

I think XTOL is one of the greatest developers ever invented. It's works
well and it's stable. I mix a 5 liters batch of XTOL in an old box wine
bladder. (All you have to do is be able to stomach one box of the wine.
The bladder is reusable. The one I have has been used a dozen times.)
The wine bladder/liners prevent oxidation, and they have a nice spigot.
The XTOL lasts for a long time. I just used some that was over a year
old without a problem. I use XTOL one shot, usually 1:1 or 1:3.

I'm getting ready to buy a brick of bw film and can't decide on Tri-X,
TMY or something else. I've been shooting BW400CN, but I miss developing
my own film. Also, now that the Holidays are over, I need something to
keep my Martini shaking skills polished until next year. 


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Subject: RE: [Leica] tri-x and microdol-x

Daniel Ridings wrote:
> I don't know where the idea comes from that Tri-X is grainy. The 400TX
> is one of Kodak's most fine-grained films (TMX probably beats it out,
> but I doubt if much else does). 

In fact there were published test reports that in their current and
reincarnation, 400TX is finer grained than TMY.  unfortunately, I don't
remember which developer was the "winning" one.

Me, I just use 400TX and D76, not by conviction, but by laziness.
I've been doing this stuff so long that I can now do it with both of 
my eyes closed, really :-)  Whatever is easiest is greatest.  

- Phong