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Subject: [Leica] cutest camera ever
From: scott at (Scott McLoughlin)
Date: Thu Dec 29 15:25:54 2005
References: <r02010500-1043-BE29A9AA78BF11DA97C20011246F5C92@[]>

This camera looks pretty cool.  I don't know if I'd want movements
and such to shoot so "carefully" with 135 format film.

Any similar view camera beasts made for 120 film?  I've been looking
for a MF camera. RZ67 has bellows extension and a nice big negative,
but it's a big and heavy beast. SL66 looks interesting and has a bellows
as well, but pricey even on the used market. 

Maybe a "baby" Linhoff? 


George Lottermoser wrote:

>>From: "David Rodgers" <>
>>Subject: RE: [Leica] cutest camera ever
>>A) why anyone would ever build a 35mm view camera (I'm holding out for
>One of the (many) things that fascinates me about photography: One can
>make a photographic image with almost anything; as long as  you have a
>pin hole or lens, a light sensitive surface to project the image on, and
>total darkness between the two. From this basic premise folks have
>contrived all manner of hardware to gain control over the various
>relationships between those two basic elements (lens, light sensitive
>surface) - from tiny spy cameras to huge view cameras. Here we have an
>opportunity to see someone's idea that swings, tilts, shifts, rises, and
>falls had some application to a 35mm frame, apparently extremely well
>crafted. You can find contemporary hardware (at $2k) which provides some
>of these movements for your digital SLR of choice: see
>Why? Only the creators, marketers and buyers know for sure. 
>>B) how in the world you stumbled onto it on ebay!
>I have an ongoing e**y search of "view camera" just to see what comes up
>in the way of old, simple and eclectic photo gear. Amazing (to me)
>things appear in that search.
>regards, George
>Leica Users Group.
>See for more information

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