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Subject: [Leica] #438 : #439 : #440
From: phong at (Phong)
Date: Fri Dec 23 04:35:38 2005

GeeBee wrote:
> All shots Leica M6 : 50mm Noctilux : orange filter : Kodak T400 CN
> My personal preference is for vertical landscapes:
> I know that the majority prefer horizontal landscapes:
> and for those who prefer horizontal landscapes with inflatable props:

I too prefer the vertical one, in this particular instance.
Partially because I always love clouds in your B&W photos and often
look for them.  Partially because I don't know how to do clouds,
at all :-).   And partially because in this case, the vertical
composition is unambiguous:  3 converging major lines (Tree, road, and
gate), echoed by several minor lines (cloud highlights, and the 2 borders
of the road, hightligh on field on left, highlight on bottom of
trees).  The shadow of the gate is just enough to give contra weight
on the converging lines.

In contrast, in the horizontal version, the line formed by
the fence, gate and its shadow form a line dominant enough
to compete with the main theme, as opposed to supporting it.

That's a lot of words to say what looks good is good.  :-)

The third and last photo is also very nice, except that it is 
"inflatable props in a landscape", not "landscape with inflatable
props".  :-)

On the matter of personal preferences, I  know that mine vary.
On B.D.'s recent "riding the rails", I know I would pick "window2"
in the past, but I am influenced by the bias of my own current work
(trying to work with a slightly wider view), so am more partial
to such views.  Anything said says as much about the sayer as about 
the said, or something like that.

Thanks for posting your wonderful images.

- Phong

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