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Subject: [Leica] GeeBee's staff - NOW Ted's crop
From: pdzwig at (Peter Dzwig)
Date: Mon Dec 12 06:37:23 2005
References: <> <001401c5fd23$434c3e40$2ee76c18@ted> <> <000d01c5fdb0$2121ecb0$2ee76c18@ted>

Ted Grant wrote:

> Or if you look at the shot on the lower left about a 1 inch mark from 
> bottom there's a small, what looks like a clump of grass, use that as 
> your crop line. Now what you have is, not too much nor too little. I 
> didn't mean to crop the cattle as tight as you did as that takes away 
> the openness of the field.
> It's much easier making the comparison with the three prints side by each.
> I realize there'll now be 2,999 other versions posted by the committee! ;-)
> Have another look with just that 3/4 inch cut, best use that small clump 
> of grass left bottom as your cut off point. Then tell me what you think?

sorry not to get back to you earlier on this. In the end I made your crop 
as you suggested, made prints of all three. I then left them overnight so 
that I 
could see them afresh this morning.

[ The crop is at:

by the way. ]

Now, to be honest it only comes down to this crop and my original. BUT I am 
sure which I prefer.

My original gives more of a sense of the field, I think.

"Yours" is slightly different, part of which was an accident. When I printed 
out I put a 2 point border around it, the printter took that from the 
picture so 
cropping right up to the tail of the last cow. The net effect is to 
the line and sense of movement.

I really don't know which I prefer. I have them both on my desk and will see 
they grow on me. Then I'll let you know, though perhaps off list.

In the meantime I'd be interested to hear what others have to say if they 
to weigh in.

All the best,


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