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Subject: [Leica] The Leaning Tower of Sioux Falls
From: ericm at (Eric)
Date: Sun Dec 4 18:09:43 2005

Yesterday, the tallest building in South Dakota was scheduled for
demolition.  202 ft.  No, that is not a typo.  More cows than people here.
What did you expect?  :)

Anyway...  the demolition company came in from out of state.  Said things
like this was one of the easiest jobs they've ever done.  Slam dunk.  Big
fund raising event.  Sold raffle tickets, with the winner getting to push
the button that set off the explosives that would bring the Zip Feed Mill
down.  Proceeds went to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research.

Local television crew taped the demolition from no less than 13 angles.
Televised the event live.  25,000 showed up to watch the explosion.  (City
population:  140,000.)

Anyway, to say this was a flop is a major understatement.  We now have the
Leaning Tower of Sioux Falls.  Demolition company says they'll bring in a
crane and manually tear the rest of it down within a few weeks.  :)

So I had to go out this morning and shoot some pics.  -1 F at the time.
(And we're back down to below zero again tonight.)

More pics.  (The first four were before the demolition.)

All comments and critiques welcome.  Which ones do you like and which do you
think should never see the light of day again?  :)


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