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Subject: [Leica] OT: Bronica 645 RF?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sun Nov 13 12:58:07 2005

On 11/12/05 12:12 PM, "Matt Powell" <> typed:

> On 11/11/05, Eric <> wrote:
>> Love my Leica.  Want something bigger.
>> I've heard that the Bronica 645 RF's viewfinder is even brighter and 
>> easier
>> to focus than Leica ones.  Anybody have experience with one?
>> Basically, I want a supersized Leica.  Any recommendations?
> Another used option not mentioned is the Mamiya 6 or Mamiya 6MF -
> similar to the current Mamiya 7, but with square negs. That's my next
> big photo purchase if I come into some money - I love a square
> negative, 645 and 6x7 have never interested me.
> --
> Matt Powell
Although you are talking about a rangefinder camera here I still think
ironically if that's the word that the title of the "Texas Leica" belongs to
the twin lens Rolleiflex.
Classic tenacious engineering and to an amazing extent equal to Leica's and
exquisite German glass.
Zeiss, Leica, Schneider glass. I'm equally impressed with them all.
Unobtrusiveness to match or better Leica.
Quieter than a Leica.
It's the Leica ethos two and a quarter square.
You could get over exited and call it more Leica than a Leica.
I feel bad for any photo friend of mine who does not have a Rolleiflex.
A photo life with out one is beyond my comprehension.
Its just too great of a camera.
Bring just it to any situation and see which shots you miss.
If there's any way I can overstate this further please let me know.

To me slicing Brownie film into 16 equal parts is too ideal.
I don't think the result as a fiber or inkjet huge print would be noticeable
up close with a loupe. Cropped to equal each other or not so.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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