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Subject: [Leica] payday...
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Wed Nov 9 16:57:01 2005
References: <> <001701c5e4bf$33ee9f50$1ae76c18@ted>

On Nov 8, 2005, at 4:50 PM, Ted Grant wrote:

> Steve Barbour showed:
> Subject: payday...
> Hi Steve, some sober thoughts before the pre-dinner scotch! ;-)

I am ready... :-)

> 1/ >>Pay day<<.
> An excellent moment in capturing eyes and expression. And without  
> question
> it's her eyes that make it work.
> 2/ >> Stacked glasses.<<
> This works because you have a great eye of recognizing light and  
> making it
> work in the scene.
> Any number of people on the list miss the motivation of light,  
> sometimes
> obviously because of the angle they've shot from and what appears  
> as though
> they're standing and shooting from the wrong direction or angle to   
> the
> light.
> You on the other hand, I swear make a point of light use all the  
> time. And
> that's what sorts out most of your posted pictures... the light and  
> how you
> make use of it!

thanks Ted... I try to see the light with the content, as well as  
independent of it...

and if the light isn't good... then we have to wait,  fix it, find it...

or no picy...

I think I mostly learned the importance of this from you.

> If you weren't aware of light and realizing how it was enhancing  
> the stacked
> glasses I doubt you'd have shot this simple situation.
> I know it's an old line but I figure if I say it enough times  
> sooner or
> later everyone will get the message... "LIGHT-EYES-ACTION!" And  
> "LIGHT" is
> always first!
> 3/  >>Martini glass.<<
> And "LIGHT" strikes again. I bet there's all kinds of people here  
> who have
> seen a glass sitting on a table like this and never related to it  
> because
> they don't see light photographically!
> They see the object, but don't relate to the light making it a  
> "photograph."
> Man it's so simple, it just means learn to see light, be motivated  
> by it,
> what it's doing and can I make an interesting picture with it?
> Can't get much simpler than that. But the important thing is for  
> people to
> learn to "see the LIGHT!" It creates a thousand visual motivations  
> a day...
> once a person learns to see it and recognize it's enhancing qualities.
> By the same token, we can be motivated by light because it looks neat.
> But that's all its doing, looking neat, not making a simple object  
> look
> beautiful . Think about this.. The right light and the photographer  
> who
> recognizes it and makes use of it, can make a $5 dollar object look  
> breath taking.

thanks for your nice comments Ted....


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