Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/09/27

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Subject: [Leica] Focomat IC questions
From: Thinkofcole at (
Date: Tue Sep 27 13:40:50 2005

M.R., the  DOOGS is Leica's code word for your enlarging lens, so if  you 
can't use it, that problem is solved. {To remove the lens, just turn it  
counter-clockwise with your hand.] Once you get a new lens, you just screw 
it on  in a 
clock-wise direction. Any 39mm [Leica screw-mount] thread will do the job.  
Yours might work just find if you clean it carefully, despite the haze &  
 {Do not use pliers, the American word for spanners, I believe; they  are 
necessary. But if happen to have a 10-pound sledge hammer around, you  might 
keep it in readiness in case of a real emergency.}
DOORX is the Leica code word for the extension tube that, I guess, you  
into the enlarger's lens thread before screwing in the enlarging lens. I  
used a less expensive Leica enlarger, called a Valoy, with a 50mm/3.5 lens, 
no extension tube.
The glass plate you mentioned can be cleaned with soap & water or glass  
cleaner and a soft, clean cloth. The bulb, when needed, can be bought on 
Ebay or  
in Manhattan, maybe, in B&H or Adorama --or in some big  cities -- from some 
big camera stores.
If I can find a free manual, I'll send it separately, regards, bob  cole