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Subject: [Leica] RE: LUG: Loading Leica IIIc
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Mon Sep 12 17:20:32 2005
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At 08:02 PM 9/12/05 -0400, David Cochran wrote:
>After a while I started to suspect that the shaft that goes into the 
>take up spool may not be working properly. I finally got the camera 
>loaded and have taken 2 pictures so far...cloudy day yesterday. The 
>trick that helped me was the one taking of the lens and keeping the 
>shutter open to help the film align behind the curtain. I guess that it 
>is a question of practice and usage.

Using and loading a thread-mount Leica is certainly a matter of practice.
Some glom on to it easily, while others have a somewhat steeper learning
curve, but it can be done:  if someone as clumsy and physically inept as I
am can routinely load a IIIc or IIIf or IIIg, than ANYONE can do so.

The IIIc is the great secret of Leica users at the nonce, as it lacks the
collectible intrique which affects the IIIf and IIIg cameras but it can
still, with accessories, afford all of their virtues;  as the general
camera-buying public fails to recognize this, the IIIc sells for a lot
less..  Pick up an APDOO self-timer and you have that feature, and one can
be found on eBay or from our List members for a song.  And a Geiss Kontakt
gizmo, again readily available, will afford you flash synchonization for
all sorts of flash bulbs AND for electronic flash.  With these two
accessories, your IIIc effectively becomes a IIIf RD ST.

I have even shot professionally with a IIIc a decade or so back, when my M3
suffered rewind-knob disease, the only ailment to which the M3 can suffer
to my knowledge.  I ended up shooting a wedding reception with a 2/85
Jupiter (a Soviet lens) and a Vivitar 283 and all turned out to accolades
of delight from the marrying couple.  The rig looked a bit weird but it all
worked perfectly but, then, what more can we expect of Leica?

Cha robh b?s fir gun ghr?s fir!

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