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Subject: [Leica] The Horror!
From: mak at (
Date: Tue Sep 6 11:11:33 2005

Most can be "doped" with a slurry of carbon and an adhesive for 

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Subject: [Leica] The Horror!

Yep, it happened this weekend: a family trip to Phantasialand, a theme park
in Germany, so lots of opportunities to shoot interesting stuff.
At the end of the very sunny 1st day I trusted my cherished M4-2 to a family
member because I wanted to do a wild 'n wet ride. So no M territory.
I left my M with a Summicron and shade (no cap) in the hands of my father in
law and, after the ride, continued shooting everything that came in my FOV.
Today I got the negatives developed: a white blob on everything shot after
day 1!
I checked the lenses I used (35 and 50): nothing.
I checked the shutter curtains: holes. :-(
Guess he left it lying on a table to give the sun a good opportunity to ruin
the curtains while I was having fun... Only 15 minutes at f.22 were enough.
Damn. I learned my lesson: I still think my father in law is a great guy.
But if I ever hand him any camera again, I'll explain him some basic stuff

I hope I can get it repaired before the BLUG. If not it'll be a BDLUG for


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