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Subject: [Leica] Would Ted Be Jealous? NOW 4 CAMERAS :-)
From: luisripoll at (Luis Ripoll)
Date: Mon Aug 29 14:43:55 2005

Well ...., when I was in the N.Y.C Streets shooting (with 2 bodies), one man
asked me "What are you covering?"
Saludos cordiales,

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Asunto: Re: [Leica] Would Ted Be Jealous? NOW 4 CAMERAS :-)

I looked like that guy at the opening ceremony of a sports event I
photographed a while back.  2 Ms, with 21 and 35, an R8 with 50 cron
and flash and a Nikon 300/2.8 with a monopod.  I felt like a D-Day GI
with that load.   But geez did my shooting partner and I get some
shots.  Took heaps and sold heaps.

This lady said, "Are you the photographer?"


On 30/08/2005, at 7:20 AM, Ted Grant wrote:

> John Black asked and wondered:
> Subject: Re: [Leica] Would Ted Be Jealous?
>>> 3 bodies I can see, but 4???  Maybe he had different kinds of
>>> film in
>> some.
>> Sorry, I wasn't clear... I see there are 4 cameras, I was musing
>> that I
>> can't imagine why he would NEED 4 cameras.<<<
> Hi John,
> Well it depends on the assignment you are covering, whether you
> have to
> shoot colour and B&W. How you approach the assignment, what's
> called for and
> any number of other things. And in this case it appears to be a
> motor car
> race and he's working the scene to death for every angle he can
> squeeze out
> of it. Certainly if it's for a magazine then hundreds and hundreds
> of frames
> are shot to make the final layout. And you can not be fooling around
> changing lenses.
> Maybe he's like me... I hate having to re-load film any more times
> than I
> have to or change lenses in the heat of the shoot. On many an
> assignment
> similar in nature as this chap, I've worked with three M's off my
> neck,  2
> motor driven R's off the left shoulder and a third on the right
> shoulder.
> All with various focal lengths. In other words you cover yer butt
> from 15mm
> to a 280mm and a couple of extenders in your pockets, "just in
> case!":-)
> Now obviously you do not load up like this for every assignment,
> however it
> is the assignment that dictates how you will cover it, what gear
> you use and
> or how many cameras you will require. Sometimes it's just ones own
> style of
> working if you like, being comfortable that you wont miss something.
> Besides when you shoot in this fashion you do not haul one of those
> humongous equipment bags off your shoulder because you've
> everything right
> there to use in the blink of an eye and not digging around in a bag
> head
> down and missing photos.
> I've said for years I'd much rather have a sore back and neck at
> the end of
> the day than miss a key picture because I didn't have the right
> lens at
> precisely the right moment the picture happens.  It's being a good
> Boy Scout
> By the same token on more than one occasion I've had one M on the
> shoulder
> and that's it! :-) Much nicer by the way without all the weight! :-)
> ted
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