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Subject: [Leica] Canon Introduces 2 new digital SLR's
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Wed Aug 24 10:15:48 2005

On 8/24/05 8:04 AM, "B. D. Colen" <> typed:

> There is an additional, very important reality in the Canon-Nikon-everyone
> else race: Canon at this point produces by far the cleanest images at high
> isos. Period. No one else is coming close. Canon isn't winning simply
> because of advertising and PR, they're winning because they Canon's are
> delivering the quality images.
I think as conserved as pros are and a large sector of serious amateurs
about the necessity of using "the" camera. The camera which gives them the
most credibility. Their image as well as the image their camera is
They are also concerned enough about the quality their camera is getting
enough to NOT use stuff which was significantly better than something else.
The Nikon D2x as far as stock agencies go and in other uses is seen and for
good reason I'm sure as being competitive imagery wise to the Canon Full
frame S. Hence people buying it, using it and continuing to stick with their
Nikon systems they've used for years.
But its all USE. Sometimes you need much different image formats than other
times and its not always obvious which format and film vs. digital you want
to use for a given use.

I met a second Oregonian photographer last week and he was shooting with not
a Nikon D2X but a Nikon D2H. 4 megapixel images. I'd already met another one
who did the same a few months ago and mentioned it on the LUG.
It may easily be that all the Oregonian photographers use this camera and
that 4 megapixels is all newspaper photojournalism needs. They don't need
12. And they don't need full frame.

A guy who used to work at Camera World for years but is now doing well as a
commercial photographer I ran into at Pro photo last week.
He's got the sides of all the busses plastered with the news teams of some
TV station. Huge images. Shot 4 megapixels with not the d2x which he didn't
have yet at that point but the d2H!
So apparently 4 megapixels made from that camera which uses an unusual not
CMOS or other traditional capturing cells are good not just for 80 screen
newspaper shots on newsprint. But mural sized stuff. They're more than one
way to skin a cat. 
And its always or often what you don't think.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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