Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/08/02

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Creepy?
From: red735i at (Frank Filippone)
Date: Tue Aug 2 17:43:27 2005

If it were my kid, I might be interested.  But it is not my kid, and to be
honest, this work does not interest me at all.  Why would I want a picture
of some kid I do not know, nor have an emotional connection to?  Would I
want it to appear on my walls?  No.  Does it influence my work?  Maybe. but
probably not.

This is in the same vein of photo art as the picture I remember seeing at a
local major "photo show"  ( I have described it before.....)  A picture of 6
girls, about 14 years old dressed up for their upcoming dance. just hanging
out in the front yard.... not a significant detail at all in the picture,
except the $6,000 price....  Why would anyone want to show it off?  What
person with more $$$ than intellect would want to own it?

Anyway, tastes are different, and if you enjoy it, great.

Frank Filippone