Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2005/06/23

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Subject: [Leica] Yasuhara Reccieved Quick Review
From: mak at (
Date: Thu Jun 23 07:34:20 2005

Just received my Yasuhara from the Lomography guys took about a week. Camera 
was new boked and they included a delightful large envelope filled with 
images books and goodies. 

Camera SN 04421 so they did not make very many

Lens is a RIGID 50mm f2.8 Chrome marked in meters only Yasuhara 50mm f2.8 SN 
00321 so they made even less


The fit and finish seem better than my many Bessa R R2 cameras.

Bessas are a delight they ONLY flaw I have found is the tendency for the 
paint to fly off the black lenses and the R2...

The chrome plating on this lens is better than Canon RF stuff.

Focusing cam is the rear of the lens nicely machined brass

Shutter looks just like the ones in my R2...I put a chunk of P3200 in and 
left the lens off in sunlight for 1/2 was fine

VF RF is not up to Leica standards but again as good as Canon and Bessa.

Lens cap is way overengineered.

Self Timer Lever seems a bit whimpy

Strap is uh a fashion statement and one I will not be making...

Time to load the guy with film ...

It's not a Leica but better than a Bessa...

With production numbers like these it would seem like there might be room 
for some appreciation...

Anyhow $600 well spent