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Subject: [Leica] The United States Grand Prix - this is a long post
From: bonvini at (Jay)
Date: Wed Jun 22 07:23:40 2005

Quite a few years ago, I was a shooter for ESPN doing behind the scenes for
boxing and got to sit with Greenberg (spelling?) then a honcho with the
I was an avid soccer player in Calif and wondered why soccer with the
largest audience fan base in the world could not make a go of it in the
I was told that since soccer is played with no time outs - it is continuous
for 45 minutes with breaks only for injuries, that networks could not see a
way to advertise during a game. In spite of most foreign TV being able to
run ads around the periphery of the image, US networks felt that there was
no way to make money.
And advertising is where the nets generate their revenue.
With the current interest slowly but surely increasing here in the States,
maybe it is time to rethink?

Jay Ignaszewski

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At 07:54 PM 6/21/05 -0400, Seth Rosner wrote:

>P.S., Marc James, the U.S. Grand Prix has taken place at a fair number of
>different locations: Sebring, Watkins Glen, Detroit, Long Beach, I think
>Miami, but never, never at Lime Rock. P.P.S. how many know (I know Frank D.
>does) that in the early days of the modern world championship, the
>Indianapolis 500 counted toward the F.I.A. world driver's championship?
>Because its organizer, USAC, was the U.S. representative to the Federation
>Internationale de l'Automobile.

>P.P.S. Marc James, your gratuitous knock on U.S. soccer suggests that you
>have no idea about what is happening on the playgrounds of American
>And why you persist in using raised-pinky effetist caricature language is
>beyond me. But your analysis of American attitudes toward G.P. racing is

Thank you, Seth, for your comments.

First, I was unaware that there has never been a US Formula One race at
Lime Rock, and thank you for the correction.

Second, I did not make the comment that you thought I made:  I merely
commented that soccer is seen as an effete sport by most of the USian
populace.  If you feel differently, then "'splain to me" why soccer has
been unable to mount a successful league in the US.  The short answer is
that most USians view soccer as an effete sport, regardless of the number
of kids playing the sport.  (My own son played soccer until he was 15, when
he decided to concentrate on baseball.  Today, he is 23, and follows NASCAR
and baseball to the extent that he can continously intone that the sport
has been ruined by the American League's adoption of the DH rule, as I
noted in an earlier post.  He does not follow soccer and has no interest at
all in the sport.  I have a somewhat older former step-son who also grew up
playing soccer and who dropped it and who has no interest whatever in
following it today.)

My comment was not a "gratuitous knock":  it was a factual statement about
the realities of the USian regard for soccer.

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