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Subject: [Leica] PAW June 9, 2005
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Sat Jun 11 15:22:55 2005
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Thanks for your comments, Ted and as usual you hit the nail right on 
the head. The shots are missing the punch line.

Lately I've been looking at the stuff I have shot over the past few 
months and while I believe that the majority of them are well composed 
and technically competent, a lot of them lack something and like you 
said, it's the punch line, like the lady pulling the thread through or 
something like that.

So, I'm trying to make some changes to how I shoot.

Step one is turning my brain.

Step two is trying to figure out how I can get a little more 'loiter 
time' in to my setups. Everyone here in L.A. is so paranoid about 
having their picture taken, that you mostly have to make grab shots. If 
you linger for more than a few seconds you are spotted and people freak 
out. I'm trying to look a little further down the street, so I have a 
little more time to get myself in place etc.



On Jun 11, 2005, at 2:58 PM, Ted Grant wrote:
> Hi Feli,
> Nice clean material. My preference is man with suit case #1.
> A comment on the others that might help in the future. Of course I 
> realize you know what I'm gong to say so please take it as a touch of 
> a reminder. ;-)
> Lady doing her embroidering.
> All that was needed is the action or implied action of her pulling the 
> needle and thread though the material. There had to be some kind of 
> hand action as she reached to pull the needle. And it would've been 
> "Bingo!"
> Newspapers ?  Almost the same thing, the action of her reaching to put 
> money in the box and or taking the paper out.
> Remember it's this simple. Light, eyes, action, or any combination of 
> those elements and 99.99999% of the time a picture will work.
> Old man.... This is tricky, although I think if he were farther down 
> the sidewalk, smaller in silhouette it might have been more effective 
> or being able to see he was walking. But it's hard to understand that 
> he's an "old man" in this shot. Or what he's doing?
> But "Man with Suitcase?"
> It's right on the mark with light, action. Wonderful composition with 
> trees and building lines and shadows.
> Good on you for hitting this one .
> ted

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