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Subject: [Leica] Gray card not 18% Erwin
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri Jun 10 12:04:51 2005

Interestingly Erwin backing up the sunny 16 rule.

I'm dimly aware that meters are calibrated both in the high as well as a low
areas. Your bright sunny sixteen EV might be lining up right but the
readings you get at the low EV's might be off.
And of course I'm more interested in lower Ev's.
The land of EV.

Erwin states that Evs have defined values.
EV 10 being 2600 lux.

This might make my continued assumption that hand helds are ok a stop below
what in camera meters say to be in the baloney area of the metering cold

I don't know I don't have and cameras with EV readings.

Yes I do my Voigtl?nder Vito BL. My first camera with a meter on it.

And my meter knob for my Hasselblad. Probably made by Gossen.

I think there must be a metaphysical rule that a meter in a camera has a
synchronicity of knowledge of what that camera needs and desires. They sleep
together in the same camera bag after all. In the same metal shell for that
matter. Night after night.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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