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Subject: [Leica] An extraordinary collection of 40's Leica images
From: drodgers7798 at (David Rodgers)
Date: Thu May 26 20:34:09 2005
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You may be right. But I'm not so sure the digital side of things is
merely a push of the button, even with a high quality neg.

What these photographs bring to mind for me is that we moved away from a
unique look that was present from the 40's to the 70's. Maybe it  has
to do with the fact that films really started evolving then, driven in
part by the huge spike in silver prices. (We can thank  the Hunts for
the demise of the traditional silver rich films and papers?. :-) )

This is just speculation on my part. But I think there's definately a
different look to 35mm photographs made pre-70's. And I wonder what's
behind it. Is it technology related? (i.e.changes in  film and not just
more recent digital). Or is it technique related? Or is it a combination?

I look at a lot of bw images on the web. And these digital images stand
out to me as technically and asthetically unique. I have a hunch that
they were scans of prints printed by a very skilled printer. But it's
just a guess.

Of course,  if they weren't Leica images, chances are they wouldn't look
so superb :-)


Saganich, Christopher/Medical Physics wrote:

> In my limited experience with shooting, developing, and scanning B&W
> negatives, exposure and film development would be the most crucial
> step in the process.  The images presented are typical of perfect
> exposures on good quality medium speed film developed by a B&W
> expert.  After that all else is downhill.
> Christopher Saganich

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