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Subject: [Leica] Leica R lenses on Canon Digital Bodies
From: nathan.wajsman at (
Date: Mon May 23 07:42:57 2005


I am trying to give advice based on what I think makes sense to someone
who is getting into Canon DSLRs. It is based on the premise that such a
person is extremely unlikely to ever go back to a film-SLR. Maybe a
rangefinder Leica to satisfy that need, but I just do not see anyone who
has experienced a Canon or Nikon DSLR going back.

So, given that, the question is: is a 100mm Apo Macro better than a
100mm Canon equivalent? Undoubtedly it is. But is it so much better than
the vastly higher price is justified? IMO no. That is why I said that
someone who is only now building a lens outfit around a Canon DSLR body
should probably stick to Canon lenses. Especially because the longer
Canon lenses are really, really good. If anything, it is on the wide end
that Canon is considered a bit weak.


Nathan Wajsman
Almere, Netherlands
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----- Oorspronkelijk bericht -----
Van: Mark Rabiner <>
Datum: maandag, mei 23, 2005 4:02 pm
Onderwerp: Re: [Leica] Leica R lenses on Canon Digital Bodies

> > Correction: of course I meant say that it probably does not make 
> a lot
> > of sense for anyone who does NOT already own the R lenses to buy 
> them> for their Canon DSLR.
> > 
> > Too little coffee this morning...
> > 
> > Nathan
> Well if you bought a Leica R lens, say a 60 or 100 macro you could 
> alwaysuse it on a Leica R body which you may someday get or may 
> already have.
> Perhaps to shoot film.
> Just because get a Canon DSLR does that mean you have to get a 
> Canon SLR and
> a complete set of canon glass; a complete Canon system.
> You you just make an effort to minimize it and just use the Canon 
> glasswhich Leica really doesn't have so much. Like a wide angle 
> zoom. And for
> digital photography not film. Or various combinations of the above.
> Another thing is I'd love to hear someone talk about how their 
> 13x19s looks
> so much better than taken with their Leica 100 then with their 
> Canon 100 or
> close short telephoto prime. Comparing the results receivable from 
> a Canon
> wide angle zoom against a Leica macro 100 does not get my attention.
> Used Leica R glass is going for a song.
> It's a reason to get into Leica R.
> Other than the use of the phenomenal Leica R8/9 bodies which I also 
> droolover.
> The R9 in anthracite or whatever it is in particular.
> I like the earlier smaller bodies too. And I like/love the Leicaflexs.
> Mark Rabiner
> Photography
> Portland Oregon
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