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Subject: [Leica] RE: Doug Herr & Rick Dykstra's Bird Pictures
From: telyt at (Doug Herr)
Date: Sun May 22 12:58:42 2005

on 5/22/05 7:20 AM, Jim Christie at wrote:

> Doug, thanks for posting your beautiful bird pictures. Between you and 
> Rick,
> I am really inspired to try my hand at the birds. I've long had this
> admiration for the elegance and beauty of eagles, but have not gone to find
> and photograph them, given that I do not have extremely long lenses.
> However, with your encouragement and examples I guess it's really up to me
> to get out there and try.
> I know Alaska has an abundant supply of Eagles, but since I live in 
> northern
> California I'd like to find a closer location. I understand Clamouth Falls
> is a natural wintering spot for Eagles and that's not to far from here. It
> is basically on the California and Oregon border. It may be too late to
> catch them this year, but I'm going to try it next winter. In the meantime,
> I think I'd better get out there and start practicing on other bird
> subjects.
> Thanks to both Rick and Doug for sharing such beautiful images. I've got a
> lot to learn. - Jim Christie


Try Sunol Regional Wilderness a bit south of you.

This was in what I believe is called the "High Valley" area.  It's a stiff
hike up a dusty filre break but the golden eagles are resident there.  It
takes lots of time in the field, patience, practice, persistance and more
than a bit of luck.

This Prarie Falcon was near Flag Hill in Sunol Wilderness.

Also try for the Yellow-billed Magpie near the parking areas.

In the fall, Hawk Hill in Marin County is good at least for seeing hawks,
and occasionally for photographs:

Doug Herr
Birdman of Sacramento

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