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Subject: [Leica] mobile phones and breakneck speeds
From: corkflor at (Alex Hurst)
Date: Thu May 19 12:01:44 2005
References: <051920051616.2908.428CBBED00027F4400000B5C220700095302019B020E9B9CD202010> <000b01c55c91$2a0fd0a0$1ae76c18@ted>

The immortal Ted understated:

>Somethings do erk me a tad, cells and driving is on the top of the list!

I followed a BMW driver through the middle of Cork City, Ireland this 
evening. He was all over the road and driving at 15 mph in pouring 
rain. When I got alongside him at the lights it was a middle-aged 
exec with a mobile glued to his ear, yakking animatedly - not an old 
lady who was scared of rain.

Lest you think I'm prejudiced against BMWs, I drive a venerable 
version myself which has a hands-free system. If someone rings, 
unless it's the most mundane and briefest of enquiries, I pull over 
ASAP and yak in relative safety - it's still very distracting even 

Like many things in Ireland, using a mobile while driving (other than 
hands-free) is a major offence, and I have yet to see a prosecution. 
Maybe next time I'll ring the police with the plate number...:-)



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