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Subject: [Leica] Aaron's PAW19: Relief
From: stasys1 at (Stasys Petravicius)
Date: Mon May 16 21:18:19 2005
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good thinking! - and worth reading -Stasys
On May 16, 2005, at 9:05 PM, Mark Rabiner wrote:

> To caption, or not to caption: that is the question:
> Whether 'this nobler to spell it all out leaving nothing to the 
> imagination.
> Or let them sit there dumbfounded, not having a clue.
> I thought the other day I should get a digital tape recorder so I can 
> record
> where my head was at when I took the shot.
> But then why not just do that and skip the photo altogether?
> They say being deaf is far worse than being blind.
> Why not record sounds instead of pictures?
> Make sound collages.
> But put stuff in like "print this real low key" otherwise I'd just 
> lighten
> it up like a dumb machine print printer every time.
> "put dark rock at III"
> "print it dark stupid"
> Dorothy Lange or someone lately I was reading though thought you need 
> to do
> some serious writing with every right off the bat shot or your not 
> doing it
> and I thought there was something to that. I should try doing that. 
> Might
> have even been Dianne Arbus!
> Click shutter, wind camera, write stuff.
> I like to see the photo coming first.
> I'm less of a photo journalist kind of guy.. A writer who takes 
> pictures.
> I've done a little of that. I had my pad with me. Got all the names.
> In a sense like this it's more of a travelogue kind of thing.
> The photo is almost like clip art.
> It's like you'd grab it from anywhere you can.
> A big help in illustrating the caption though.
> "Here's the copy now where can we get a shot?"
> The picture should say a thousand words.
> Not twenty at the bottom doing it for you.
> That's my manifesto for the evening.
> It's like the best images in your mind are the stories you heard on the
> radio.
> I do have fun putting weird photo's in emails though. Just sliding them
> right in there. Ones I shot or ones I get from Google-image. I love 
> getting
> that big contact sheet from the world up with the Google-image.
> So many pictures in the world.
> I just read that's why the Surrealists liked photography.
> Because it was no big deal. Still images raining like confetti from
> everywhere and anyone could do them.
> That's why Breton liked them.
> That's why photos were "marvelous".
> I think "marvelous" might have meant "fun" sometimes.
> Mark Rabiner
> Photography
> Portland Oregon
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