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Subject: [Leica] Peter provokes contentious controversy
From: bdcolen at (
Date: Wed May 4 15:35:31 2005

Okay, Peter, you asked - Peter would get more comments had it been a strong 
photo. As it is it's an idea more than a photo. Unfortunately, between the 
peacocks, the table and umbrella, the other people, etc., it's too damned 
cluttered an image to work as I assume you wanted it to work. I have to 
really struggle to see the camera in the hooks. Beyond that, there's the 
question of what makes this 'special' other than the fact that the guy 
without arms is using his hooks to take a picture. My guess is he wouldn't 
think it was a worthy of a photo - given what armless, and legless people 
can accomplish, taking photos comes in pretty low on the humdrum list.

So.... :-)

B. D.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Klein <>
Sent: May 4, 2005 11:18 AM
Subject: [Leica] Peter provokes contentious controversy

Since no one commented on a photo that I thought might provoke some
discussion, let me try again:

- Who the hell does Peter think he is?  Diane Arbus?  Kyle Cassidy?

- Did he get permission to take this picture from the subject, the Zoo
Director, the Mayor, the Police Commissioner, the Department of Homeland
Security, and the Committee for the Correct Treatment of Human Subjects
by Exploitive Wannabe Concerned Photographers?

- What's he doing at the zoo, anyway?  Man, that's *so* bourgeois.

- This photo would have been *so* much better if taken with a black
paint Flommolux instead of a chrome DR Summicron mismatched to a black
chrome M6TTL.

- The bokeh ruins the shot.  Sorry.

- Incredible!  Pulitzer Prize!  Family of Man!  Thirteenth honorable
mention in Parade Magazine's annual "Gushy Family Values" snapshot

- Peter *who*?

Your comments welcome.


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