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Subject: [Leica] Re: Doing your Kid's Wedding
From: FELIXMATURANA at (Félix López de Maturana)
Date: Wed Apr 27 06:41:40 2005
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>First, let me announce my pleasure that my youngest son has announced
>his engagement to marry a really nice girl from Texas.  Both Mom and I
>are very happy.
>Now the question....  How tacky would it be for me to take pictures at
>the wedding / reception?  These will not be the official pictures, just
>stuff for our own enjoyment.  The wedding and the reception are heading
>the way of formality, not casual ( if that makes any difference).
>The wedding is a year off, so I am in no rush for a final answer.. but
>before I even broach the subject with the bride to be ( or my wife),  I
>would like to have an opinion other than my own..... ( I hate getting
>smacked upside my head....... )
>Frank Filippone


Congratulations! However I carry very often if not always a camera in my 
pocket, mostly a Ricoh GR1, my daughter *forbid* me shooting in her wedding 
some years ago and said I had to pay carefully attention at my part as 
father and godfather and, knowing me very well, to be attentive in the 
ceremony for avoiding mistakes. Really I had no time for pics excepting in 
the banquet but then she insisted in me dancing and I hadn't danced from 
thirty years ago that's my own marriage. They *took* pictures of me dancing! 
-250 pounds weight-. I have just only a daughter so next wedding will be my 
granddaughter Sarah and, certainly, I'll not be here any more. Frank, enjoy 
the happiness of the moment and forget the pictures.