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Subject: [Leica] A First
From: saganicc at (Saganich, Christopher/Medical Physics)
Date: Thu Apr 21 12:39:32 2005

Last time I moved I drove my Nissan hatchback (with a leather belt holding 
the passenger door closed and missing moon roof) from Buffalo to NYC packed 
with my crap.  Two days later I sold it for 75 bucks, got drunk and made 
some new friends.  I'll never own another car again if I can help it; three 
thousand pounds of metal, plastic, and rubber to move 300 pounds of flesh 
and blood.  This is a concept which only made sense in 1910.  


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On  4/21/05, Henning Wulff <> wrote:
> In the  US the Prius sort of makes sense, if you drive a _lot_.
> Mainly, you  get the benefit of driving a car which is somewhat more
> socially  responsible. In Europe, turbodiesels, which are a huge
> portion of the  market, make sense. The premium you pay for a diesel
> car is less than  the premium for a Prius, diesel fuel is cheaper than
> gas and there is  a huge choice of a lot of models from all
> manufacturers. Some get  substantially better mileage than the Prius
> and many handle better or  have other features.

In Louisiana, currently the price of diesel is 10 cents higher than  
gasoline.  We looked hard at the VW TDI, and I almost bought one, even  
though they 
were stingy with their markdowns.  In the end, I got a  comparably equipped 
Prius for less,; they get about the same mileage on the  road, and of course 
Prius beats it in town.  But it finally all came  down to one thing.  Kathy 
loved the color on the Prius!
Regards, Sonny
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