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Subject: [Leica] Macro Comparison Leica V. Yashica
From: leica_korenman at (eric)
Date: Wed Apr 13 03:24:34 2005
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just my 2 cents - trying to reuse an old image I guess:
100 macro elmar wide open:
(warning: artsy shot of crying kid)


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Subject: Re: [Leica] Macro Comparison Leica V. Yashica

> On 4/12/05 9:33 AM, "Douglas Sharp" <> typed:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Only one third Leica and no Rollei at all. It may , however, be of
>> interest to those of us who like optical excellence whatever the source
>> may be.
>> 2 full-frame shots: taken with a Macro-Elmar 4/100mm and a
>> Yashica ML 2,8/55mm Macro both at f8, Canon 20D at ISO 100, tripod
>> mounted, daylight.
>> 2 centre crops from the same shots
>> I think that the resolution of the Yashica is superior but the clour
>> rendition of the Leica is better (richer).
>> Just to make sure that the lenses were comparable they were both
>> cleaned, front and rear elements, before taking these.
>> I ran the test through 5 times and got the same results for f8 and for
>> other apertures, refocussing each test series to eliminate any possible
>> focussing errors, and picked the best of each run. Maybe I got a duff
>> Elmar, this difference in quality is surprising to say the least.
>> Cheers
>> Douglas
>> BTW it's a Miners Safety Lamp
> Boy oh Boy Doug and yous guys!
> The thin plane of focus on the macro Elmar shot is at the far right edge 
> of
> the frame.
> Its certainly to the right of the "S" of "lamps" and the "8" of the " 
> B/28"
> I'm not even sure that true point or total plane of focus is even IN the
> frame.
> It just might be on the right half of the "8" itself but my hunch is its a
> tad in front of it. Towards us.
> In the air.
> The focus with the Yashica shot is further left on the "P" of "lamps".
> The "m" is behind the plane of focus
> And the "S" is in front of it.
> So if we then look at THAT area in the macro Elmar shot we think its
> "sharper" then the macro Elmar. If we didn't look at the rest of the shot.
> It's not where the very narrow plane of focus IS on that shot.
> It's way to the left of it by the distance of 2 or 3 letters or numbers in
> the shot.
> The DOF in such a shot is about an 8th of an inch as we can see.
>    a shot on a curve like this illustrates such a thing.
> I cant believe this crazy test has got all you guys fooled!  :)
> On a test like this you'd have to bracket your focusing to make them both
> match up. But it could easily be done with some bracketing. You barely
> breath on the lens to change the focus by several millimeters. You just 
> look
> at it funny and it will shift a full letter over.
> :)
> Mark Rabiner
> Photography
> Portland Oregon
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