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Subject: [Leica] Taking photos during school play
From: ylshih at (Yin Shih)
Date: Thu Apr 7 23:06:17 2005

I was all set to take discreet photos during my son's high school play, a
production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oklahoma.  I had an M7 & Noctilux
loaded w/ Ilford Delta.  No flash.  During the opening announcements, it was
stated "no audio/video recording and no flash photography".  So I thought I
was all set to take available light photos.


After taking one photo, I was asked to stop by the person two down from my
seat who I hadn't noticed before but who I knew was the drama director.
Since it was "her theatre", I complied with her request.  However, the
reason that she gave was that the work was "copyrighted" and ALL recording
of any kind was prohibited.  I went to the Rodgers & Hammerstein website,
and they indicate that the copyrighted materials consist of book, score and
other similar materials required to stage the production.  Their FAQ
specifically calls out video recording and indicates that is a violation of
their copyright without permission.


The A/V restriction makes sense, since an audio or video recording would
capture the book or the score or both.  However, a still photograph captures
none of what would seem to be R&H's copyrighted material.  Staging, sets,
costuming, etc would appear to be the property of the production house, i.e.
the high school.  Hence, I think the drama director misunderstands the
restrictions and discreet photography could be allowed, so long as it was
not disruptive (loud motor drive, flash, etc).


It seems ridiculous not to allow parents to take photos of their kid's on
stage.  Anybody with any experience on this question?


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