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Subject: [Leica] beater cameras
From: doubs43 at (Walker Smith)
Date: Sat Sep 25 19:25:33 2004

>Walker started this with his comments about having a camera in his car.
>In the seventies and eighties, the beater would have been an old M2 or
>M3 for the pro's and many others.
Don, I'd love to own an M-2 or M-3 and maybe some day I will. The 
closest I have to either is a Bessa-T. At the moment I own five Leicas; 
Model A. IIIa, IIIb, IIIc & IIIf RD. All work with the exception of the 
IIIa which I inherited from my father and needs a major overhaul. That 
IIIa went everywhere with my father and I do mean everywhere. He was 
never without it and usually had the 35mm Elmar mounted with a 90mm 
Elmar along. If the 90mm was mounted, the 35mm Elmar was in his watch 
pocket. Can't do that with any of the newer lens. For years his 
universal finder was a Vidom but I found a nice Imarect finder and gave 
it to him. I also inherited the Model A from him. He bought it from a 
man in Baltimore in 1959 or 1960 as I recall. Pictures taken with the A 
have been published in "The Sun Magazine" (Baltimore Sun) and also the 
Washington Post.

The IIIb, c & f are all in excellent condition and I'd cringe to carry 
any of them as my "beater" camera. In fact, the last CLA's done on the b 
& f were done at the factory in Wetzler when I delivered them there in 
person. The IIIc is a recent purchase and works perfectly. I'm currently 
working on some pictures I took with it last Sunday and will be posting 

My work requires me to take pictures of homes for our real estate 
website and for that I use a Sony F-828 and Vivitar 283 flash. I didn't 
even have that with me last evening because I didn't have a home to 
photograph. The Sony takes a great picture although I'd like to have a 
wider than 28mm lens option. I used to use a Fuji S602Z with aux lens 
that gave me about 24 or 25mm coverage and that was good but the Sony's 
Zeiss lens at 28mm is much sharper.

As soon as I can check the Exakta for exposure, it's going to be my 
"beater" for awhile anyway. Maybe one day I'll find an old Leica that's 
so beat up that I won't be reluctant to throw it around some. Maybe. :^)


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