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Subject: [Leica] Photoshop CS2 - enhanced RAW workflow
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Mon Mar 28 11:47:48 2005

No question. First, who am I to tell you what your standards should be?
Second, playing around with images is great fun - I recently played with
the liquid whatever it is for the first time and ended up with my
daughter looking like one of those creatures from that fabulous Twilight
Zone episode about the world in which the beautiful were considered ugly
freaks because the vast majority of people were, dare I say it,
grotesque looking. ;-)

But yes, I am concerned about 'game playing' becoming so easy that
standards will disappear completely. 

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I know what bothers you; it's that Vanishing Point thingy feature that
apparently allows you to cut and paste objects into an image while
maintaining proper perspective.   Probably a no-no for photojournalists,
but I can recall spending hours trying to add a person to a wide angle
image (I'm allowed), and manually "distort" the image of the person to
match the surroundings in the background (and not getting it to look
convincing).   I hope this new tool will do that automatically.

-dan c.

At 07:38 AM 28-03-05 -0500, B. D. Colen wrote:
>It looks fabulous - though there are other things described which 
>trouble me in terms of the already quickly disintegrating concept that 
>photos do, or even can, tell the truth...;-)
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