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Subject: [Leica] Leitz 50mm b/l finder and Osterloh's new M book (was Blackheath)
From: corkflor at (Alex Hurst)
Date: Thu Mar 10 04:55:38 2005
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Peter wrote:

>two things:
>I thought that I might crop it much as you suggested, but I didn't 
>like the wasn't enough like what I saw [there's a 
>subject for discussion] but I walked backwards forwards, sideways 
>and so on but settled on that in the end. Sorry you don't like it 
>much Alasatair. It "is" that bit of the village.
>As to the snow, it is getting rather rare here. It presents 
>opportunities we don't get very often...arguably I haven't made best 
>use of it.

Yep - as I said, your mileage may vary.

>Alex: The URL doesn't work. I have used Sprockets to CLA the IIIf, 
>on the recommendation of Classic Camera, the central London dealers. 
>Can give you details if you woud like.

That's strange. Try it again:

There seemed to be plenty of hits subsequent to my post.

I'm a fan of Malcolm Taylor up on his farm in Herefordshire, who's 
done superb work for me restoring a really ugly (but very cheap) 
beater M2 to perfect working condition (this is the one I used in 
Barcelona), and has also done an immaculate job on my 85 Summarex and 
the 50 Summarit (in the latter case including re-coating all 

>>Glad to see that someone else out there is using the 50/1.5 
>>Summarit. I use mine with an even more venerable IIIa and a 50mm 
>>b/l finder, which is a revelation in terms of ease of composing 
>Alex tell me more about the finder.

The peephole v/f on the III was never that good (except on the IIIg). 
But the Leitz 50mm brightline accessory finder transforms the 
experience . For a start it's pretty near 1:1, which means you can 
keep both eyes open, and the big image makes it a breeze to compose. 
Close-up compensation is taken care of by a dotted line at the top 
(or side) of the frame, and seems pretty accurate. Having used it, I 
wouldn't be without it.

There's a famous self-portrait somewhere of one of the Leica legends 
(can't remember who) using a III with the 50  b/l finder. His body, 
as I remember is shadowed with a projected 35mm filmstrip including 
sprocket holes.

Anyway, highly recommended and not too difficult to find (unlike the 
85 b/l for the Summarex) .

BTW, I've just got my 60th birthday present to myself in the form of 
Osterloh's new book '50 Years Leica M'. It's a sumptuous production, 
and I'm looking forward to reading it. It's available from 
for a total cost of EURO 60.75.


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