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Subject: [Leica] Dzwig PAW 9 - Blackheath Village
From: corkflor at (Alex Hurst)
Date: Wed Mar 9 13:27:28 2005
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Peter wrote:

>Leica IIIf 5cm Summarit BW400CN
>comments -  favourable or otherwise - are welcome as always.

Peter - great to see what 'real Leicas' can do!

Nice atmospheric shot. But I scrolled down and down, and there was 
nothing but snow and more snow in the bottom half. So I reduced it in 
size until I could see the whole shot, and, FWIW, I would have 
cropped this shot at the bottom so it was about 25% snow and the 
landscape/buildings were more the main point of interest. Your 
mileage may differ.

Glad to see that someone else out there is using the 50/1.5 Summarit. 
I use mine with an even more venerable IIIa and a 50mm b/l finder, 
which is a revelation in terms of ease of composing shots.

Recently I took this combo to Barcelona after the lens's overhaul 
(actually total rebuild and re-coat) by UK Leica wizard, Malcolm 
Taylor, who did such a good job on my wonderful 85/1.5 Summarex.

Before Malcolm got at it, the Summarit was a very 'atmospheric' lens. 
It flared like crazy contre-jour. Now, as you can see from the 
Barcelona shot, it's absolutely fine in high contrast situations.


The story of my Summarex can be found there too.

Nice shot - thanks for sharing a little bit of England.



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