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Subject: [Leica] DMR wins award
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Tue Mar 8 07:05:40 2005

Yes, I am - and the latest DMR price in dollars is close to $5500 -
quite a fur piece from the much trumpeted $4K. Frankly, if Leica is
depending upon sales to current R8/9 owners to save its butt, it's still
deep in trouble, given the comparatively limited number of such
individuals, and the fact that many will have no interest in the DMR, or
be unable to afford it. They're going to have to hook a crowd willing to
pay full freight for the full kit.

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Really $7900??  I thought word the DMR was more in $5000 range. Or are
you including cost of the R body?

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> It's hardly fair, Henning, to compare the DMR at $7900 - cost of a 
> back and front ;-) - with a Digital Rebel at $800 or $900. If you want

> to do comparisons, compare the DMR with the Canon EOS1DMkII or 
> 1DsMkII. Obviously the DMR is going to still win, simply because the R

> has such a gorgeous viewfinder, but the comparison isn't going to be 
> nearly as odious. Likewise, if you want to look at Olympus, look a the

> E1, not the E300. Again, the DMR will win on viewfinder, but it won't 
> be quite as much of a trounce.
> Meanwhile,looking at the present cost of the DMR and an R9, that 
> little combo is now dead even with the full frame, full featured, 
> autofocus, Canon EOS1DsMkII. Which also mounts Leica manual focus 
> lenses.
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> At 7:20 AM +1100 3/8/05, Rick Dykstra wrote:
>>Saw this on another list.  The DMR won an award from the Digital 
>>Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA).  Not exactly sure but I think 
>>the category was 'Digital Back for Professional 35mm Camera that can 
>>still use film'.  Slam dunked the competition!  Still, well done 
>>Leica.  It looks like the DMR is just around the corner.
>>What really got my attention at the same site though is the new 
>>Digital Rebel with 8 lotsapixies.  One view would be that other 
>>brands' entry level consumer grade lightweight plastic SLRs are close 
>>to out-gunning the DMR, for less than a quarter the cost.  I expect 
>>that everyone who buys a DMR will be convinced that it offers more.  
>>Hmm ....
> See the first section of:
> IMO the viewfinder is the worst thing about the 20D, and the DRebel
> was worse. To go even further down that path may be cheaper, but how 
> far can you go and still have an idea of what you're shooting?
> Not to say that the DRebel isn't a better solution for most people
> than the DMR, but the R-DMR solution certainly offers things that the 
> competition isn't covering.
> One of the things I like best about the Leica M's is their
> viewfinder, and therefore to see the devolution of this important (to 
> people who take 'seeing' seriously) item to something like an EVF or 
> the viewfinder on the new Rebel or Olympus E-300 seems grotesque.
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