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Subject: [Leica] Multiple Bodies
From: at (Douglas Sharp)
Date: Wed Mar 2 13:45:50 2005
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Bunting, Roger L (Roger) wrote:

> I wondering if those folks interested in using multiple bodies would chime 
> in with
> Do you have multiple M-bodies?

Hi Roger,

M2, M4-2, M6 (Titanium version 1) and, if they qualify for your question,a CL
and a Minolta CLE too.
Travelling light (on foot):
I usually take the M6 with the CLE as backup (for TTL auto flash and 
exposure if
needed) both loaded with Kodak Elite, either 100 or 200. One of the other 
M's is
   usually loaded with 400 ASA BW film but doesn't get used all that often.

For the stuff I usually take (steam locomotives) I usually take a 90mm/2 on 
M6 for trains coming and going in the middle distance and a 28 or 35mm for
closer shots on the CLE, the fast automatic exposure metering is excellent 
the quick changes of contrast you get when a loco is blowing off steam. Big 
black one moment, shrouded in white a second or so later.

With transport:
For fast moving stuff I recently used both an R5 and R7 each with a motor 
and a 2.8/28, 2/35mm or a 28-200 zoom. Even more recently the Canon 20D and 
are the alternatives with either a Super Angulon 4/21mm ,Elmarit 2.8/28mm
Summicron 2/35mm or the Canon EF 28-135 IS Zoom attached, depending on the

If I'm planning on taking static shed or workshop shots I leave all this 
at home and take the Rollei 6006 with and a couple of lenses. (and a couple 
Metz 45 Hammerheads for filling out the dark corners or putting a bit of a
highlight on the shiny bits).

> Do use two or more M-bodies to complement (lens, film, .... ) choice on 
> the same shoot?
> Working from the strap or bag? Do you use them as a primary/backup? Both 
> active at once?
> The questions are to prompt discussion. I don't have a second body but 
> often would like to have two lenses active at the same time. Seems like a 
> luxury and really don't know about it's practicality, but keep coming back 
> to that idea. I have always worked out of a bag, but as I carry my M more, 
> the desire to be more spontaneous is changing my bag-it mentality. So two 
> bodies, in concurrent action, may be a stretch for me right now.
> Just curious,
> Regards,
> Roger
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