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Subject: [Leica] On topic: 1.4/50 Summilux-M
From: jbcollier at (John Collier)
Date: Fri Feb 25 07:39:16 2005
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Sorry for the late reply but I have been very busy.

I agree with Feli. I really like the Summilux as it is an ideal 
compromise between the Summicron and the Noctilux. I had tested and 
decided to get last version of the Summilux, my only complaint being 
the collapsing hood as well, when they announced the Asph version. 
Since it was going to replace a Noctilux I decide the extra $$ was not 
too outrageous.

I can't say that I miss the Noctilux. F/1.4 is usually enough and the 
lens is only slightly larger and heavier than a Summicron. The ability 
to focus to 0.7m is a definite plus over the Noctilux. The Summilux's 
flare performance is much much better than the Summicron's -- though 
nothing can touch the Noctilux for freedom from flare.

All in all I am happy with my choice and I think I would have been 
happy with the previous version as well. Perhaps even happier as it 
would not have been six months away for "repair."

John Collier

On 22-Feb-05, at 12:36 PM, Feli wrote:

> I've had mine for almost a year now and it's really grown on me.
> Not as sharp as the current Cron, which I also have, but plenty sharp.
> By f8 the Lux is very sharp, all the way into the corners. I love the 
> extra
> stop and the ability to focus as close as 70 cm. My biggest complaint 
> is
> the collapsible hood, which can't be locked into place. I solved that 
> problem
> with a metal screw-in hood from Contax.
> But what I really like about this lens is the fingerprint. It's magic 
> in black
> and white. People talk about the Leica glow, and this one has it in 
> spades.
> Buttersmooth tones with the smoothest bokeh and actually quite sharp.
> It has a very classic look, hires and medium contrast, which isn't 
> surprising
> given it's lineage, the Xenon, Summarit and first gen. Lux.
> I've made some 11x14 prints on Agfa FB Classic from APX100 negs 
> (Rodinal)
> and there is something about the look that even laymen notice.
> The Lux gets knocked a lot because it was in production for about 40 
> years,
> and remained unchanged, but it's much better than people think. 
> Absolute sharpness
> isn't everything. Plenty of people made better shots than any of us 
> could manage with
> the 1.5/50 Sonnar and the Lux blows that lens away. In any case, it's 
> another brush
> in the shooters arsenal.

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