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Subject: [Leica] A different Leica, non-survival, perspective (was LUG to the rescue)
From: daniel.ridings at (Daniel Ridings)
Date: Sat Feb 19 01:09:54 2005
References: <000001c51604$e15cc200$6501a8c0@dorysrusp4> <p06110407be3c17142878@[]>

> It was entirely apparent on my recent trip to Barcelona. I was using
> retro film Leicas. Everyone else was using Japanese digital,
> Solms have had plenty of time to see this coming, and, IMHO, their
> response to rapidly evolving market conditions has been far too late
> and totally inappropriate.

One should probably keep a little perspective here. I'm sure Solms did
have plenty of time and I'm sure they did make mistakes. What the mistakes
were, I don't know.

But I'm really wondering if a company with a market capital of around 12
million Euros EVER had the financial clout to start up a R&D effort around
digital no matter what they saw and wanted to do.

The management might, but the owners might have been like Kodak's owners:
"Naw, let's drain this film thing for what its worth and then let's get

My point is: Leica is a little company, not a big corporation. Its options
have probably been pretty limited from the start.


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