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Subject: [Leica] M2 questions
From: feli2 at (Feli)
Date: Thu Feb 3 08:30:13 2005
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It can be done, but here are a few points you may want to consider.

a) it's an expensive modification, running a good $350 dollars.

b) It's borderline blasphemy, since the M2 has one of the best 
Leica ever made. It doesn't flare and has the more accurate, larger 
lines (they got smaller from the M6 on)

c) The field of view of a 28 basically fills the entire viewfinder. 
That's how people
used to shoot a 28 in the pre M4-p/M6 days and it works very well. If 
you take a
look at the 28 framelines on a M6, that's what you will notice. They 
are so close to
the edge of the viewport, that you can almost not see them.

So, in short I don't think it's a terribly practical modification. It's 
not a cheap to do and you
will be destroying a really nice piece of gear. Can you sell the camera 
and get an M6,
instead? Try shooting the 28, by framing with the whole viewfinder.


On Feb 3, 2005, at 8:18 AM, Der Eiserne Reiter wrote:

> List,
> having only used Bessa R and IIIc rangefinders before, I finally gave 
> in and bought an M, i.e. a
> used 65 M2. I have read that the M2 viewfinder can be modified to an 
> M6 viewfinder. Does anybody
> have experience with this and can you suggest somebody to do this 
> conversion ? Also, I really am
> only interested in the additional 28mm frame. Since the M2 has .72 
> magnification, it should be
> possible to have a 28mm view (about 3x the 90mm frame) without the 
> frame. Is this practical (The
> camera is still in the mail) ?
> Thanks,
> Roland Ruehl.

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